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AHCI watchmakers Prague meeting

FRI 22.10.21   12-20 hrs

SAT 23.10.21   12-18 hrs

Revoluční 17, Praha 1  |  vstupné 100,- Kč

Historicky první, exklusivní dvoudenní výstava ručně vyrobených hodinek od vybraných členů a kandidátů švýcarské nezávislé skupiny tvůrců hodinek AHCI. Místem konání je naše galerie v centru Prahy s bezbariérovým vstupem.

Jste zváni k setkání s mistry současného hodinářského řemesla ve světovém měřítku. Skupina AHCI vznikla v r. 1985. Celkem čítá několik desítek členů, nezávislých tvůrců a vybraných kandidátů. Stát se součástí tohoto uskupení vyžaduje individuální invenci a přínos do světa ručních hodinek.

For the very first time in Prague, an exclusive two-day exhibition of handmade watches from selected members and candidates of the Swiss independent group of watch makers AHCI. The venue is our gallery in the center of Prague with barrier-free access.

You are invited to meet the masters of contemporary watchmaking on a global scale. The AHCI group was founded in 1985. In total, it consists of several dozens of members, independent creators and selected candidates. Becoming part of the group requires individual invention and contribution to the world of horology.

vystavovatelé  |  exhibitors

Antoine Preziuso

Member since 1996

Nationality: Swiss

Born: 1957 - Geneva, Switzerland

AHCI website profile

Antoine Preziuso Portrait.jpg

The surname “Preziuso” means “precious” in Italian, and Antoine came to appreciate the precious nature of time from a very early age. His fascination with watchmaking made him eager to begin training in this field, and by the age of 21 this young man in a hurry had graduated at the top of his class as a fully qualified watchmaker and restorer.

Through over a decade and a half spent working for some of the most prestigious brands in the watch industry, as well as for the specialised horological auctioneering house Antiquorum, for the Geneva Watch Museum, and for collectors in general, Antoine Preziuso consistently cultivated his twin fields of interest: restoring antique timepieces to their former splendour; and creating sophisticated watches housing major horological complications.

Always dedicated to research into new materials he became the first watchmaker to feature meteorite in his timepieces – setting a stellar trend that shows no sign of diminishing.

source: www.ahci.ch

Antoine Preziuso Tourbillon of Tourbillons watch.jpg

Marco Lang

Member since 2005

Nationality: German

Born: 1971 - Gera, Thuringia, Germany

AHCI website profile

marco lang watchmaker portrait.jpg

Marco Lang was born in 1971 in East Germany, as a scion of a watchmaking family over many generations. When he was 18 years old, in the middle of apprentice time, the iron curtain fell and opened the world to him. A deep love connects him with his hometown Dresden, whose famous history is an incentive and inspiration to him.

In 2001 he founded the watch manufacturer Lang & Heyne, which he headed until 2018 and whose creative and technical mind he was. For many watch collectors worldwide, the brand is synonymous with a high-grade finish and the finest aesthetics.


2019 – at the age of 47, Marco Lang started his second career under his own name, driven by his horological dreams and ideas still waiting to be realized.

source: www.ahci.ch

marco lang timepiece steilschrag.jpg

Luděk Seryn

Candidate since 2019

Nationality: Czech

Born: 1978 - Zábřeh na M., Czech Republic

AHCI website profile

Ludek Seryn.jpg

Ludek Seryn was born on Wednesday, June 14, 1978 in Zabreh na Morave, a town in the Olomouc region of the Czech Republic. After graduating in the fields of watchmaker and goldsmith in 2002, he opened his watchmaking in Mohelnice.

On his first watch, he starts working both without professional family experience and without the support of other watchmakers. He uses the jewelery experience to produce watch cases, which in 2009 presents at the exhibition “600 Years of the Astronomical Clock”.

In 2012, he comes with its own machine architecture in the Carabus watch and introduces the Imperator watch, the most expensive watch made in the Czech Republic.

Based on this experience, he starts to make custom-made watches and to build goldsmiths and watchmakers from the Czech Republic more than 40 of his own watches and works on many more.

source: www.ahci.ch

ludek seryn watchmaker karel rotation timepiece.jpeg

Aaron Becsei

Member since 2009

Nationality: Hungarian

Born: 1979 - Budapest, Hungary

AHCI website profile

aaron becsei portrait.jpg

Aaron Becsei is the 3rd generation of a watchmaking dynasty and he is one of the few watchmakers who makes everything himself in his atelier: from designing to the manufacturing: all the parts including the bridges, wheels, screws, dials, hands, case and bezels, the crown and the buckle too.

He became a worldwide known and recognized watchmaker when he created the PRIMUS, the world’s unique tri-axial tourbillion wristwatch with jewel bearings only (patented).

His latest wristwatch collection called Dignitas - mean in Latin: Prestige, Merit, Dignity- is following the principle of creating only self designed and developed handmade timepieces. Bexei Dignitas Pure, Power Reserve 42mm and the new 38mm models continue the concepts of providing limited, unique solutions for prestigious collectors made exclusively for and with the customer.

As all Bexei creations, the pieces of the Dignitas Collection consist of fully hand designed and developed parts at the finest quality finished to the highest standard. All these models are available for order only.

aaron becsei watch.jpeg

Stefan Kudoke

Candidate since 2019

Nationality: German

Born: 1978 - Frankfurt / Oder, Germany

AHCI website profile

stefan kudoke ahci watch maker.jpg

Without any horological family background Stefan started studying the art of watchmaking from scratch. After finishing his apprenticeship at the watchmaking school in Glashütte he refined his skills at the German manufacture ‚Glashütte Original‘ in the studio for complications and prototypes and later in the service department for ‘Breguet’, ‘Blancpain’ and ‘Omega’ in New York.

Next to his further studies he started to skeletonize and engrave watch movements by hand – that point represents the foundation stone of KUDOKE. While making a name as a creator of exceptional artistic watches during the last years, the development of an own movement has tempted him for some time.

With his Kaliber 1 he recently went a step further in enhancing his watchmaking abilities, again setting great value upon the refinement of the watch components by hand.

“My dream is to lead a fulfilled life as an independent watchmaker, where I have the chance to constantly develop myself and learn something new every day. And I am happy to be able to live my dream!”

source: www.ahci.ch

stefan kudoke watch.jpg