Erika Voith

Erika Voith is a free lance artist and fashion designer who was born as Erika Vojtková in a south Moravian town in 1980's. At the age of four her artistic talent was first recognized by being awarded with 1st place in international competition of 500 young artists 'Krásná jako kvítka'. 
She graduated with honors from Fine Art and Fashion Design college in Brno, Czech Republic and soon after she moved to Prague to foster her skills at DAMu - Academy of Performing Arts and The Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design. 

She completed BA degree in Art History at Masaryk University, Brno in 2011 and worked several jobs in art industry (Nova Sin Gallery Prague, Saatchi Gallery London). Those gave her a priceless insight into the art world as well as great experience but not enough time and space to follow her passion - art. When Summer 2013 came, she decided to become a full-time free lance artist. 

After living in numerous European capitals, such were Prague, London, Athens and Paris, Erika's artistic roots grew deep to the European soil. Secluded places of midieval cities, alongside with 
human bodies have become a never-ending inspiration of her art. Be it a street in Paris, a countryside in Provence or a fine art nude, drawing is what she considers the probity of art and the foundation of all other arts. Erika is a true loner who draws inspiration from exploring the world on her own. Often she finds herself immersed in acrylics or watercolour at 4AM and those are the times that make her feel true and happy. Apart from watercolour and acrylics, Erika's specialty is figural drawing of nudes done in a reverse way - white and beige pastel on black or gray background. 

Erika has been supporting charity since 2008. She contributed over $9000 to projects of Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute Brno and Department of Surgery Brno as well as Wings of Hope Breast Cancer Foundation in Calgary by selling her art at charity art auctions. Her paintings can be found in private collections in the Czech Republic, Canada, Germany, United States or Sweden as well as commissions in few galleries over the world.