tomas spevak - obraz childhood, autorska vystava za oponou v prazske zastupujici galerii ceskeho soucasneho umeni knupp gallery


tomas spevak solo exhibition of his oil paintings stll on the way, knupp gallery prague, knupp gallery los angeles, contemporary fine arts gallery


tomas spevak solo exhibition on the way, figural paintings, contemporary fine art oil painting, knupp gallery los angeles


tomas spevak obraz - blind man´s buff, 120x100 cm, galerie knupp gallery prague, google search image detail


tomas spevak video shot with the artist, 2014, exhibition Still on the way, knupp gallery prague, figural paintings by tomas spevak

SHOT 2014

tomas spevak video shot 2013, solo exhibition in knupp gallery prague, contemporary fine arts, figurative oil paintings

SHOT 2013


2005 – 2011: Faculty of fine arts VUT – Rybářská 13/15, 603 00 Brno, Czech republic, Studio of painting (head of the studio – ak.mal. Tomáš Lahoda)

2001 – 2005: Secondary school of applied art, Žižkovo square 1, 130 00, Prague 3, Studio of applied painting

   Born in Prague (March 29th, 1983), currently living and painting in Central Bohemia. Tomas studied Secondary school of applied art in Prague, later continued at Faculty of fine arts VUT in Brno.

   In Tomas´s paintings you can feel the dynamics of move, individual story of each picture. Cold atmosphere of a house ruin can be contrasted with a feeling of experience of a nice warm summer day. On the next painting a team of surgeons operates precisely in  human body. Worry about too high level of naturalism is always compensated with a secret hidden behind a wide line of paint brush or, on the contrary, on a clean spot.

   Most of his paintings are collages formed with various figures and environment which originally didn´t match together, were completely separated stories. The very first impulse is usually a thought, idea to create a specific topic, or reaction to a socially important event.   Tomas combines blurry unidentified matter of objects with sharp detailed particular parts of the story on his canvases. Every painting plays it´s own story of people reacting to a difficult situation – storm, surgery, demolished structures, earthquakes etc.