IGOR KITZBERGER – svařovaná bronzová plastika | welded bronze sculpture

igor kitzberger - Paganini trio, 42-44-47 cm, bronzova plastika  



  narozen | born in: 24. 5. 1963

V letech 1978 – 1982 studoval Střední uměleckoprůmyslovou školu v Turnově, obor umělecký kovář.

V letech 1984 – 1990 studoval na Vysoké škole výtvarných umění v Bratislavě, obor sochařství.
Od roku 1990 realizuje ve své dílně plastiky především z bronzu.


Between 1978 – 1982, he attended the school of Applied Art in Turnov, subject art blacksmithery. 

In the years 1984 – 1990, he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava, subject Sculpture. Since 1990, Kitzberger has been creating steel and bronze sculptures.

  It must be said that all his sculptures are highly dynamic, moving, living… Part of his studies was based in Italy where Igor went inspired by violin player N.Paganini. This inspiring figure became one of the most famous Igor´s sculpture, done in a very expressive way, in bronze. The substantial difference from many other artists working with metal is that Kitzberger doesn´t make casts, his artworks are welded. Every work is one of a kind, there aren´t two identical pieces leaving his atelier.