wp Jan Uldrych - Netvar, oil on canvas, 2015, 135x110 cm, obrazy jana uldrycha na prodej v pražské galerii českého současného umění, knupp gallery



jan uldrych los angeles la art show 2016 participating gallery knupp gallery prague, booth 318, convention center, contemporary fine arts


wp jan uldrych - oil painting source code 4, 150x200 cm, knupp gallery los angeles, gallery of contemporary fine arts



wp jan uldrych solo exhibition 299.792 speed of light, knupp gallery prague, 2014, abstract highly detailed paintings

SHOT 2014

Vzdělání Education
2003-2009 – AVU, atelier klasických malířských technik, prof. Zdeněk Beran, Praha

1999-2003 – Výtvarná škola Václava Hollara, Praha 

2003 – 2009 – Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, studio of prof. Zdeněk Beran

1999 – 2003 – Art College of Václav Hollar, Prague

When Jan finished his studies at Academy of Fine Arts in Prague in 2009, it was obvious that he was one of the best current students of Studio of classic panting (professor Z.Beran). Some can say that Jan is a hyper-realist, but the truth is that he only prefers the perfection of detail.

    He paints figures, exciting scenes in real / unreal landscapes where you can feel the wind blowing on you while watching the painting. Animals using human level of intelligence, animals becoming human beings themselves.

    In most of new paintings Jan is not using any real matter to mirror on the canvas. He creates unspecified objects which every eye marks different. Light displayed on the painting is only a complement needed to discover sources of beings hidden deep in the core of general substance.

    His paintings are represented in many European art collections, including Czech National Gallery.