CORDULA DOBES – figurální plastika | figurative sculpture

soucasna bronzova plastika - salome



  narozena | Born in 1959 in Gelsenkirchen, Germany
Education and Internship:

1989-1991 – Apprenticeship at sculptor Karel Fron, Munich, Germany

1992 – “Bildhauerwerkstatt” at the artist’s workshops in “Werkhalle” Munich, Germany

1992-1993 – ATELIERPROJEKT at the registered society for the promotion of sculptural-artistic forms of expressions e.V., Munich, Germany

since 1993 – freelancing

About the artist:

The knowledge of capacity is the fundament of the art of sculpturing. Cube and Area define the artistic theme which can’t flourish without balancing all of its relevant parts: The work shows its true self in the finalized figure. Cordula Dobes polishes the cubic and spatial elements of her animal and human sculptures by highlighting their specific traits with the help of artistic instruments like capacity, spacing, cube, area and weight.

With the abstraction from nature she creates gracile, elongated forms but is nonetheless afraid of using plump and massive corpora in bronze or concrete. Through her use of different concave and convex forms, rough and polished materials and patina a broad range of delicate but also robust compositions are created – which play with the essential art and beauty of the form and nature itself.

Important exhibitons

Since 1990 Cordula Dobes sculptures are presented at many well-known exhibitions and different high-class galleries around Europe. Highlights include the exhibit of her work at the TATRA Museum in Koprivnice, Czechia (1992), the “Kunstmesse” art fair in Salzburg, Austria (2004), and a booth in cooperation with “Ars in Vita” at the “Kunst- und Antiquitätenmesse” art fair at Postpalast in Munich, Germany (2014 and 2015).

Project and contract work:

1991 – Bust of the TATRA Founder, contract work for TATRA AG, CZ

2003 – Creation of a sculpture based on the logo of the Hoffman Group. Project work for Ars in Vita, Munich, Germany

2004 – Fountain NAUTILUS and spring KNOSPE. Project work for Ars in Vita, Bad Reichenhall, Germany

2007 – Thematic sculpture VOLARIS for the exibition “Flight”. Airbus/EADS, Berlin, Germany

2014 – Spring for the Order of the “Marienschwestern vom Karmel”, Aspach, Austria. Project work for Ars in Vita